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Understanding the Origins of Glass Manufacturing

April 25, 2019

The ubiquity of glass is evident in considering its diversity in application. Seen in everything from the facades of skyscrapers, to the bottles that hold our favourite beverages, to the decorative jewelry we collect over time – the smooth, transparent, crystalline solid is a formative aspect of human crafting. It’s purposing includes everything from structural, architectural, decorative, and even packaging processes –it is clear that glass is an integral aspect to ascertaining the needs of everyday life. Glass manufacturers play a fundamental role in ensuring the specificity of glass application needs are met. But where exactly did glass come from – and how has it become a given in our daily lives?


Today we’ll briefly discuss the origins of glass and glass fabrication and how it has evolved to being a ubiquitous part of daily life.


How is Glass Made?

Glass is the product of heating up sand, resulting in a transparent, amorphous solid. Naturally occurring glass can also be found in volcanic geographies in which volcanoes spew molten rock that can strike local terrains composed of sand – effectively resulting in volcanic glass.


The Origins of Glass

Glass predates modern history by thousands of years. Debate exists in its exact origins, but evidence suggests it was first produced in Mesopotamia – the modern day Middle East in 3500 BC. People had previously used naturally occurring glass to craft items. Obsidian (one such type of naturally-occurring glass) was used in fabricating knives. Glass manufacturers of this period would craft beads and amulets through a process that is similar to that of contemporary glazing.


Glass as a Luxury

In the beginning, the process of manufacturing glass was time-consuming and expensive. Due to slow production, glass products of this time were deemed a luxury item. Glass melting furnaces of the time were quite small and the heat it produced barely met the required temperatures to produce glass. It wasn’t until the Syrian invention of the blow pipe that sped up the glass production process, allowing for an easier and cost-effective way of fabricating glass.


Glass in the Modern Day

The glass manufacturers of today are masters of this age old craft. The processes in which glass is produced have been refined and mastered, allowing for cleaner cuts and more precision in fabrication glass to its needed application. Finding a reputable glass manufacturer can bring any glass design to life – regardless of purpose or specificity.  

All Team Glass is a reputable glass manufacturer in Toronto. Specializing in fabricating glass and mirror products, edge profiles, tempered glass, laminated glass, etched glass, bent glass, and shower doors – you can rest assured knowing your glass design needs will be met. We offer the necessary experience and capabilities to bring your project to life. Call us today to learn more about our services – one of our team members would love to assist you!

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