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Architectural Applications of Bent Glass

April 10, 2019

The prevalence of bent glass in architectural applications is indicative of today’s engineering innovation. Used in residential homes, commercial offices, and in defining the exterior facades of skyscrapers – bent glass is truly a marker of contemporary architecture. Contemplating how a material that is typically perceived as being brittle, is used in applications that require a great deal of strength to carry heavy loads may seem improbable by nature. But somehow we’ve managed to develop structural glass that is fully capable of meeting architectural and engineering feats of today.


Today we’ll briefly discuss the architectural and design applications of bent glass.


Glass as a Classic Design Facet


Glass in architecture is a staple. As design trends come and go – glass has stood the test of time as an effortless and classic component to any interior or exterior space. Opting for glass instead of more opaque materials in design effectively extends the breadth of space – perfect for the design of open-concept layouts.


Bent Glass for Structural Stability


Engineering experts suggest that when glass is arched, it allows for the structure to become more resistant to stresses attributed to heavy loads – unlike that of single-planed, straight, flat glass. Bent glass can also minimize sunlight deflections, reducing heat-absorption of the glass.


All Team Glass is Your Go-To for Bent Glass


All Team Glass is a leading supplier of bent glass that is just as safe and durable as it is beautiful. We are capable of meeting your architectural glass needs when it comes to curved glass, and can effectively bring your design to life.

We manufacture a large range of glass products including bent glass for windows, doors, walls, store fixtures, furniture, shower doors, etc. Our facility is fully equipped with the necessary machinery and team of highly experienced glass manufacturers to ensure high-quality service and product every time. Call All Team Glass today for all your bent glass needs – one of our industry professionals would be happy to assist you!

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