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3 Inspiring Buildings for Architectural Glass Design Ideas

Architectural glass has become extremely popular thanks to the ubiquity of glass constructions in modern buildings. These glass pieces are rated for all kinds of strengths, allowing them to be used in buildings with a guarantee of safety and durability. With some of the most iconic buildings being made entirely out of a glass façade today, there are plenty of ideas going around on how best to utilize architectural glass.



In today’s blog, we will be showing off the architectural glass in some of the world’s most famous buildings.



1. Louvre Pyramid

The iconic Louvre Pyramid stands proudly outside the world-famous museum, becoming a symbol for not only the museum, but the city of Paris. In this example, architectural glass has been used to construct a unique shape. It is far cheaper to achieve this with glass than it is with other kinds of materials. The glass parts are all manufactured separately, and are much lighter to transport and easier to assemble. If you are embarking on your own development project, consider using architectural glass in this way to make your project stand out.


2. The Gherkin

The infamous Gherkin is a staple of the modern London skyline. Like the Louvre Pyramid, the Gherkin is also constructed in a unique shape, making it incredibly memorable. However, one of the primary standout features of this building is also the distinctive and highlighted shapes of its individual windows. Triangular windows are brought together on the façade of the building to create the illusion of large diamonds. Because most glass buildings tend to be constructed of a large amount of glass brought together, there are many creative ways in which you can play around with shapes and combinations.


3. The Glass House

The Glass House, or Johnson house, is a historic house museum known for its huge glass panes that span the entire length of the house, from the ceiling to the floor. The home of visionary architect Philip Johnson, the distinctive and bold house has since been called his signature work, indicating the public’s appreciation of glass constructions. Indeed, floor to ceiling windows can be used in any kind of building, bringing an allure of daring and futurism to any design.


We hope these examples have inspired you today on creative ways to use architectural glass. For the best glass products, get in touch with All Team Glass today!

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