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Everything You Need to Know About Decorative Sandblasting

Decorative sandblasting is not only used to remove old paint from vehicles, structures, and other industrial products. It is also a powerful aesthetic-enhancing method that can take regular glass to the next level by adding value to its look. Here’s everything you need to know about decorative sandblasting.


The Process Of Decorative Sandblasting


With the help of a photo-image stencil, modern sandblasting technologies and methods use high-velocity sand to etch the pattern on the glass. To understand it better, you could imagine the sandblasting nozzle as a pen that uses fine-grain sand to impact the glass.


Types of decorative sandblasting

Experienced sandblasting companies use various kinds of methods to achieve certain aesthetics. 


Surface shading

Shading allows etched images to be portrayed as three-dimensional thanks to the contrast it creates against the transparent glass material. The use of the darker grey shade adds to the effect.


Surface etching

This is the typical frosted glass look that sandblasting can effectively produce. The etched, white design is popular with all personal, commercial, and industrial applications.



This method uses sandblasting to create glass engravings. It uses various steps to produce the best, low-maintenance carvings.


Applications of Industrial Decorative Sandblasting Applications



Frosted or shaded glass is excellent for signages because it helps catch attention. Advanced etching methods can deliver designs that are extremely accurate.


Glass trophies

Beautiful awards and trophies use sandblasting for adding custom details such as the name of the award recipient and the event, among other things.


Special glass projects

Decorative sandblasting and etching can help achieve any type of results as needed by a project.


Work with the best team

All Team Glass has decades of experience, top-tier equipment, and uses tried-and-proven methods to create the best results for all your glass project needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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