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Tempered Glass and Fire Safety

March 22, 2019

Safety glass is typically used for applications in which a certain degree of protection is expected to prevent injury in the event of impact, or offer better resistance when faced with the effects of extreme environments. Applications include use in automotive windows, shower glass enclosures, and more generally as interior or exterior architectural glass.

To be considered fire-resistant, or fire-rated – glass must be able to provide a certain degree of resistance to fire. For tempered glass to acquire fire safe recognition – the glass must be able to confine fire and smoke to one area or room, and must be able to provide resistance to extremely high temperatures.


Today we’ll discuss how tempered glass differs from regular glass when it comes to fire safety.


Compartmentation Capabilities


As suggested, safety glass must be able to confine flames and smoke to one area or room – effectively restricting fire access and the spread of fire into other spaces. While it may appear to the casual onlooker that most types of glass are capable of compartmentation as fire-rated glass looks just like normal glass – the opposite is true. Standard window glass will typically fracture at 121 degrees Celsius – whereas tempered glass can stand temperatures of up to 260 degrees Celsius.


Rigorous Testing


Fire-rated glass must also undergo rigorous testing as per Canadian standards in order for fire-rated certification to occur. In Canada, the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGSC) conducts testing to authorize the use of manufactured glass in architectural or automotive applications. Requirements tempered glass must adhere to will depend on class of certification. Generally, tests involve assessing initial impact and temperature resilience of the glass in a third-party laboratory.


Opting for SGSC Certified Safety Glass with All Team Glass


All Team Glass manufactures tempered glass in Toronto that is fully certified by the SGSC. If you’re looking for tempered glass to be used in applications including frameless shower doors, store fronts, doors, windows, store fixtures, etc. – you can rest assured knowing All Team Glass provides durable, protective and resilient glass that is capable of withstanding impact and hot temperatures. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service while also manufacturing and supplying high-quality glass products.

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