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4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Water Jet Cutting Services

Water jet cutting service is often used to produce artistic glass designs such as those found in stained glass, shower doors, glass windows, and ornamental doors. This versatility makes this cutting method very useful. However, there are a few considerations to take into account when using this type of cutting technology. These include glass design, quality of the glass, surface temperature, and more. 


To Clarify, Here Are Factors To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Water Jet Cutting Services


Glass Thickness


A thin glass sheet may not be ideal for water jet cutting service unless it is extremely necessary. In most projects, a high-quality and thick glass is the best option for this cutting service. 


Type of Glass


The type of glass which is to be processed by waterjet cutting also plays a big role. It must be remembered that tempered glass is almost impossible to be processed by water jet cutting service as it is made to withstand a certain amount of stress. Thus, if there is any attempt to cut it using a water jet, it will result in shattering of the glass. Hence, a more malleable form of glass is better suited for this method.




In terms of temperature, significant fluctuations from hot to cold and vice versa may cause the glass to break. So, if the glass is hot and the water used to cut it is cold, then there’s a high chance that the glass being cut will shatter. To avoid such mishaps, it’s best to go for professionals, such as All Team Glass, experts in glass fabrication and processing.  


Design of the Glass 


Finally, the design of the glass itself must also be considered while opting for water jet cutting services. The ideal is to use long lead-ins that can protect the glass from developing cracks. Subsequently, the more piercings the design has the more likely it is for the glass to crack. Hence, reducing the number of piercings in design might help, particularly in designs that are very detailed or intricate.  


When it comes to custom glass fabrication, All Team Glass is a name you can trust. From manufacturing the best quality glass, be it decorative or more utilitarian, to ensuring a more environment-friendly mode of operation, we check all the boxes in terms of quality and sustainability.

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