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5 Misconceptions about Custom Glass Shower Doors

Upgrading a shower enclosure is a relatively common occurrence, and custom glass shower doors can be the defining feature of your ideal bathroom. Although they have many benefits, individuals might believe in misconceptions about these elegant features. A look at some of these beliefs will follow.


All Team Glass & Mirror provides our clients with custom glass shower doors, and our team is dedicated to meeting their needs with the design and manufacturing of our products.


They can shatter


Tempered glass is the chosen material for glass shower doors, which has strong and durable characteristics. Although it is not resistant to breaking, tempered glass is made in a specialized manner, allowing it to break into a number of small pieces that do not have sharp edges. This material is created with safety in mind.


They are highly expensive


Adding this type of bathroom feature can be a cost-effective option. In addition, the customization aspect ensures that personalized choices are able to be made. Glass shower doors and their price depends on the desired specifications as well.


They are prone to leaking


With the correct shower layout, leaking is much less likely. To achieve maximum waterproofing, it is necessary to have the showerhead on the opposite side relative to the hinges. This assists with preventing leaks and will keep the water inside a shower enclosure.


They all have the same appearance


Multiple versions of glass shower doors can be crafted, with different styles and options available. Whether frosted glass or a curved door, choices for modern and traditional styles are possible.


Additions can be made after installation


The placement of a towel bar for instance is usually exact, and the holes for one are added during the manufacturing process. Thus, it is important to make an overall and detailed plan when selecting glass shower doors.


Browse our website and contact us today for more information about our custom glass shower doors, and how All Team Glass & Mirror can fit your requirements with the services that we offer.

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