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How To Choose Between Shower Curtains and Glass Shower Doors

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? If yes, then one of the most important decisions will include choosing the type of enclosure that you want. Once you finalize the layout, you will need to pick between shower curtains and custom glass shower doors. Choosing from the various options requires careful consideration based on what will work best for your bathroom.


Tips to Choose Between Shower Curtains and Custom Glass Shower Doors


When to choose shower curtains

One of the biggest benefits of using a shower curtain is its ability to add personality to your bathroom and to showcase your personal style. Moreover, shower curtains offer the privacy one needs while taking a shower.

The downside of using shower curtains is the fact that they can be drafty and cling to you when showering. They are also more prone to mould and mildew especially if not cleaned thoroughly. And they could result in leaky showers.

When to opt for custom glass shower doors

While some may think that glass shower enclosures are very plain, custom glass shower doors are actually more versatile and chic than one may think. They are a great option if you have a narrow shower area or if you want to utilize a corner area for your shower enclosure. Additionally, glass is known to make space appear bigger and brighter, unlike curtains. And you can choose from a wide range of styles of glass shower enclosures, depending on your taste and budget.

One factor that could be a cause of concern is the initial setup cost as custom glass shower doors are more expensive than shower curtains. However, the upfront investment would add an aesthetic value to your property, while the glass enclosure would last much longer than shower curtains.

We hope this comparison helps you decide from your list of options. If you are have decided to go with custom glass doors, we at All Team Glass can help you with your project needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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