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Top 3 Considerations for Custom Glass Shower Doors

Because of their high functionality and aesthetic presentation, custom glass shower doors are very popular for homeowners. When it comes to appearance, you can pick from various textures and looks including clear, frosted, or patterned glass. If you are mostly sharing your bathroom with others in your home, a glass design that is heavily textured or frosted is a great option to achieve privacy. A look at other relevant factors to take into account will follow.



All Team Glass & Mirror is the right destination for adding custom glass shower doors within your home, and we are committed to meeting your unique set of needs.


How thick would the glass be?


These doors are created with varying thicknesses that are usually determined by whether they are framed, semi-frameless, or frameless types. The thickest of all is described as heavy glass and is perfect for shower doors with a frameless style. On the other hand, thinner glass is often used in framed units, which provide more structural support while protecting vulnerable corners of the glass. 


Will it be tempered?


If you seek enhanced durability and safety, tempered glass is a better choice over alternate forms of glass. It has been used for glass shower doors throughout many years to maintain personal safety during showering. They can operate as swinging or sliding doors, and even as walls for a shower enclosure that do not easily break.


How must the glass be protected?


Protecting the glass from damaging or corrosive elements is vital to prolonging its life. Glass protection can also involve the use of specially designed technology as one of the techniques to treat and strongly protect the sealed surface. If you have a tighter budget, it is possible for custom glass shower doors to be treated with a high-end sealant that is applied after manufacturing and protects the glass from stains and corrosion.

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